Management and business can be complex and require many different skills. Do you recognise any of these questions or issues? We can work with you to answer, focus and understand. We offer a free first meeting - preferably face to face, to get to know you and your business or operation.


If the initial discussion confirms we can add value we will put together a programme of coaching or work to develop structures, processes and measures, models or reports. Charges are usually based on half day sessions and start at $600 per half day. We offer fixed price Service Plans for some standard bundles of service. Remember that coaching and training can qualify for assistance under NZTE's capability development voucher scheme.


Contact Gerard for special rates if you are a micro business (total income less than $500,000) or a not for profit organisation.

The Journey
The enabler / sustainer
The checks, balances & glue
  • Defining purpose, vision and values.....

    • What are we here for?

    • Where are we going?

  • How do we get there.....?

    • route map and provisions

  • Customers....

    • What will they want?

    • Who are they?

  • Product

    • What do we deliver?

    • What should we deliver?

    • How will we deliver?

  • What about the competition?

  • Too much to do

    • Don't know what is most important

    • Too much time on stuff that seems unimportant

  • Going round in circles

    • Projects unfinished

  • Unclear chain of command

  • People.....

    • not working well

    • not working together

    • confused 

  • Will we have enough cash?

  • Making money........

    • Are we?

    • Why aren't we?

  • When can we get that new.....

  • Is this product / project / customer sustainable?

  • How can I reduce my bookkeeping and accounting work?

  • What is the most important change to make....

    • Short term?

    • Long term?

  • Board and management processes

    • Asking the (not so) dumb questions

  • Reporting for assurance

  • Holding to account: project delivery.....

    • In full, in spec

    • On time

    • to budget

  • Compliance......

    • Commercial

    • Employment

    • Health & Safety

    • Record keeping