Practical advisory, virtual CFO and change management services for ambitious SMEs and businesses in and around Palmerston North, the Manawatu and Lower North Island. Tailored personal service can be delivered NZ wide.

We offer help based on best practice GM, CFO and commercial management experience in the New Zealand context. Hudson Business Solutions can help you improve or develop your:

  • business strategy and planning - making sure you know where you are going, then planning your business's journey

  • management processes and systems - ways to execute the strategy, steering and navigation

  • finance and financial management  - ensure you have the cash needed to keep the journey on track: management, cost and revenue modelling, projections and business case analysis 

  • governance - the checks, balances and glue so all these information, reporting and control systems work together and comply with policies, rules and regulations.


We can tackle many sizes of project. From a high level overview with a few key pointers, to in depth business planning, structuring and financal management. We aim to work with you to add sustainable value and process efficiency.


Talk to Gerard now - complementary first hour to get to know you and your operation.


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